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Things about me:
  1. I love food. When my wisdom teeth were removed when I was 16, I sat in bed and watched Food Network for two days straight. Haven't turned it off since (well, until I stopped owning a TV in 2012). I love cooking, watching people cook, reading cookbooks, reading cooking magazines, oh and eating. One time I was in the same room as Rachael Ray and I almost lost my brains.
  2. I love animals. You'll figure this out sooner or later, so I might as well come out and tell you right now. I freaking love my pets, your pets, and pets in general. Even if they are mean, anxious, or scared. I love them. I have a very special dog who is fearful of just about everything - dogs, people, falling leaves, etc. I used to have a cat, but unfortunately she was not immortal, contrary to popular belief. Update: I got another cat, he's enormous. That's all you need to know.
  3. I started this blog a long time ago, when I was a grad student, interning, with a butt ton of free time. Now I am not those things, though I still have a lot of free time once you deduct my Instagram and Pinterest times. Professionally I am in marketing. Unprofessionally I am still figuring it out. 
  4. I don't have any cavities.(This is my super power).
  5. I stopped eating meat in January 2013. I brought eggs, dairy, and fish back into my diet by late 2013. Living la vida pescatarian.