Shin's Tribute

Recently I've been feeling very nostalgic for San Luis Obispo. Let me be a bit more specific: I've been feeling nostalgic for SLO restaurants. Fat kid status? Probably.

Boys and girls, I want to tell you about a magical place. It's a place where the food is cheap, the beer comes to the table quick, the service is sub-par (read: minimal tip), and you can even have a happy birsday.

Like this:

Ok, that was annoying. Let's get back to my point. Shin's sushi, a SLO staple, has a special place in my heart. Ps. shittttyyy website.

My favorite shin's meal:
Sunomono <---the best!
Miso Soup
Grover Beach Roll
1/2 price Spicy Tuna cut roll

Not only would this cost me like $10 max, it would put me in a sushi-induced food coma for a good five hours.

The Grover Beach Roll is like a california roll, a lettuce wrap, and tempura combined. Could you complain? The best part is that it's easy to recreate at home! And thus ....

Shin's Grover Beach Roll Knock Off
Makes 10 rolls


  • One large head of iceberg, cored and leafed (not sure that's a culinary term for "deconstruct the iceberg"
  • 2 cups cooked short grain/japanese white rice
  • 1tbsp seasoned rice wine vinegar
  • 1 c. imitation (if that's all you can find) or real crab (claw or lump, depending on your budget)
  • 1/4 c. light mayo
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • 1/2 c. shredded carrots
  • 10 pieces Shrimp Tempura - thank you Trader Joe's!!
pretty sure i'd perish without TJ's
  • Food process crab and mayo together until combined
  • Cook tempura according to instructions
  • Sprinkle rice vinegar over hot rice and let cool - will make it like a poor white girl's sticky rice
  • Lay out an iceberg leaf or two for your roll
  • In each roll, put in 1-2 tbsp rice, 1 tbsp crab meat, 1 tempura, 2 slices avo, a bit of carrot
  • Wrap er up!
  • Serve with sriracha, soy sauce,wasabi, whatevs for dipping

assembly line, assemble!

aw, come on.

piled high for the eatin
One note for this recipe: wrapping in the iceberg leaves is a bitch. Doubling up the leaves helps, but you may need more than one head of iceberg for this recipe then. In the end, it tastes effing delicious, regardless of your wrapping skills.

While this has temporarily stymied my SLO cravings, nothing truly matches the SLO experience. I'd like to be 65 and retired living in Morro Bay right. about. now.


  1. where's the seaweed?

  2. well, not to totally embarrass you, but seaweed is typically found in the ocean.