China Eats

Wondering where I've been? I have spent the last two weeks exploring China! 

Like any normal person, my favorite part of travel is food. I will admit, I was nervous about China since I absolutely hate what I know as "Chinese" food here in America.... and I'm really not a picky eater. Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, yes, loves it. But Chinese? Meh.

Well it's a good thing that food in China is not like American Chinese food. 

The best thing I ate were these little dumplings filled with hot broth and pork meatballs. It's a feat of science. How did they get the soup inside the dumpling!?!?! I learned the secret and I plan to recreate these here at home (just minus the pork).

That's another thing. SO MUCH PORK. And I really try to avoid pork... China consumes half of the world's pork supply. The average Chinese consumes 39kg or 85 lbs of pork per year. (sourced) Imagine my horror. I love pigs, I don't want to eat them.

Well I probably ate a whole pig in China. Sorry, future pet pig. 

Other pro's: Noodles (oodles!), tons of veggies, tofu tofu tofu!, cheap beer, watermelon!!, international selection

Con's: when shit got spicy, shit got spicy. (i.e. hot pot), and mystery meat

mall noodles 
candy selection in a department store

lunch at Ericsson canteen in Beijing

lunch at Taiwan Airport

my favorite meal on the trip, post great wall. So many dishes! So little tummy space! This egg and tomato business on the right was a favorite.

when in china? no.

mystery street food=preventative pepto

yin and yang mcdonald's sandwiches

stretched noodles!

fresh and delicious

for all the tea in china...

tea ceremony

cute, but non-delicious dumplings

again, nothing delicious


a face?

hot pot pain.

sushi in shanghai! 

pho in shanghai, unfortunately disappointing.

food safety ratings reflecting how my tummy felt in china. 
It was an adventure for the taste buds! China has changed my mind on Chinese food, though I think it will be difficult to find authentic Chinese here in Ventura County. But for a bit I am going to reward my tummy with my American food.

I missed cheese.

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