Super Bowl

Sorry, the title was misleading. We're not going to talk about sports.

We're going to talk about bowls full of super foods. Gotcha!

Sometimes, don't you just want to throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl, cover it with hot sauce, sit indian style on the couch wearing stretchy pants, and watch hours and hours of Girls?

Like, especially when it's raining?

Maybe it's just me. And I feel like if I put enough healthy things in that bowl, I can counter balance the supreme laziness of my couch camping. 

I like this meal because it's very simple. Very few ingredients, and 9 out of 10 times, I have all the elements handy. Tofu and lentils are a winning combo and really anything is better covered in salsa.

Super Tofu Lentil Bowl
for one couch dweller

3 oz firm tofu, cubed
1 tsp EVOO
1/3 c. steamed lentils 
1/2 c. jarred salsa (TJ's Salsa Autentica or Pace Chunky - aka white people salsa preferred)
1 c. steamed fresh broccoli
1/4 c. avocado chunks

Heat EVOO over med-high heat. Toss in tofu and stir fry for 4-6 minutes, or until golden.

Dump in lentils.

And salsa. Reduce heat to low and toss all ingredients. Let the salsa and lentils heat through.

Scoop lentil/tofu mixture over broccoli and top with avocado.

Add about 1 gallon of Cholula hot sauce to taste.

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