Sweet Tea

Oh, here we go.

The Roady's have found themselves with an unwanted bottle of Sweet Tea Vodka. And by "bottle", I mean handle. The stuff by itself is pretty ridiculously sweet, but the good thing is that it doesn't at ALL taste like vodka. Danger zone.

So here are three ways to consume an unwanted bottle of sweet tea vodka. Ya know, in case you ever find yourself in such a dangerous situation.

  • Arnold Palmer Jello Shots (recipe below)
  • Straight up, over lemonade rocks (umm... just make lemonade, then make ice cubes from the lemonade)
  • Mixed with lemonade (1:1 ratio for martini, 1 part vodka: 2 parts lemonade for a summery cocktail)

Arnold Palmer Jello Shots
30 servings

2 boxes lemon jello
2 cups boiling water
2 cups chilled sweet tea vodka

First of all, make some fridge space.
Find a plate or pan that will hold your shot cups in place. I used a baking sheet with a lip. 

Boil water (I just microwaved for 3 minutes)
Stir in jello and stir until dissolved

Add chilled vodka

Pour into cups. I got these fancy pants ones at Party City.

But you could also just line a pan with a single sheet of plastic wrap, set up jello in there, and then slice into "shot" cubes.

Let em set up in the fridge for 4+ hours, then enjoy! But not too much, k?

Lemonade rocks are another great way to enjoy the sweet tea vodka. You could also mix the vodka with brewed tea for a weaker cocktail. Some people use self control. I don't know those people.

And finally, the classic way to consume. Mix with lemonade! Such a wonderful summer cocktail!

Don't drink and facebook!

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  1. Brilliant...shouldn't have taken 10 months for someone to say that.