Vegan Day 5 1/2

That's right, folks. I only made it 5 1/2 days. Lame.

The day started out with good intentions.


  • Scrambled tofu with Daiya cheeze
  • Toast with strawberry jelly
  • Banana

And lunch was vegan, too! I made vegan corndogs a la Happy Herbivore. Real life: I think corndogs are delicious. This recipe had all the right flavors, but the texture was totally wrong. Maybe if it called for fine ground corn meal and had more flour, it would be right. I gauge all corndogs against the bar set by Hot Dog on a Stick. I  haven't had one of these since I was a wee child, but I can still imagine the texture. The batter is closer to the texture of pancakes, but still tastes like cornbread. Either way, the recipe was excellent as a vessel for yellow mustard.

But then there was dinner. 

The fam bam went to Sicily by Gino in Ventura. I had a special - rigatoni with marinara and eggplant... with ricotta salata. Yeah, I could have ordered sans cheese. But the pasta already was a noodle made with eggs, and I love eating out and trying new restaurants wayyy to much to abstain. 

While vegan was a good experiment, and I tried many new foods and recipes that I would have never considered before, I am going back to my omnivorous ways. I do see the value in eating vegan and I plan on making more vegan meals, but not restricting my diet so religiously. I just love cheese SO much. 

I am incredibly disappointed that I couldn't stick with it for a measly week, though. 

The next night I ate 1/4 of a roasted chicken. Sorry, animals.


  1. If you want a really good hot dog on a stick, you need to use Grandma's cornbread recipe -- only has 1 tablespoon of sugar and makes that mustard taste wonderful.

  2. Have you tried Mary's Secret Garden?