This Product Has Been Tested on Humans

Fair warning: this post is not about human food.

I mean, it could be, but that might get weird.

We're going to talk about critters!

awkward family photo.

These are my critters, Sprinkles the cat (10?) and Juniper the cattle dog mix (1.5).

Right now Sprinkles is very sick and in the kitty hospital. She has a messed up heart and it's causing a bunch of other problems. She's in good care at Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group in Ventura.  Though I'm worried about her, I know she isn't suffering right now, so I'm trying to look on the bright side. Juniper, however, has been moping all over the place because her favorite kitty is not home. As much as Juni thinks cats are for chasing, she knows that Sprinkles is alpha and runs the show. Smart puppy.

So I wanted to do something nice for my sad puppy that misses her kitty friend. Ya know, other than rescue her from the pound and stuff. So I baked for her!

These treats are not grain-free, but they are 100% natural and 1000000x  better than what you can buy at PetSmart for you dog. Plus, they are really tasty. I checked.

Natural Dog Treats
two dozen

1 small or 1/2 large granny smith apple, roughly chopped
1 medium banana, roughly chopped
1/4 c. egg whites (2-3, depending on size of egg)
3 tbsp creamy natural peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts.)
1.25-1.5 cups rolled oats

Preheat oven to 350F
In a food processor, puree apple and banana until it looks like baby food

Transfer to a bowl and stir in peanut butter and egg whites

Stir in oats

Scoop with a tablespoon or melon baller onto a cooking sheet

Bake for 25 minutes

Let cool before giving to fido!

we're very good at "leave it"
Okay, eat!

sorry about the slobber on the carpet, mom!
You could also add parsley and/or mint to this recipe to help clean up stinky dog breath and aid digestion.

Ps I totally plan on eating these for breakfast. Stop judging me.

Here are some invaluable resources for dog owners. Bookmark em!
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